William Carey

William Carey’s interest in stone started in 1998 playing around with a piece of soapstone by the Hawksbury River in New South Wales, Australia. His sister lived there and her neighbour was sculptor John Ladyman who gave him a piece of stone and some tools and told him to get on with it. His studio and work was inspirational. William was hooked.

William initially worked with soft stone such as Limestone. In 2005 he purchased 3.5 tons of white statuario Carrara marble from Franco Cervietti’s studio’s in Pietrasanta.  

Learning to work with this harder material lead to meeting the sculptor Paul Vanstone who generously gave his time and showed him how to work with this stone. 

Currently William is mainly working on photography projects ( www.williamcareyphotography.com) but is always happy to introduce you to other sculptors who work in stone.

E-mail: william@workingstone.com